The fact that you have come as far to visiting my website, and reading the about page, I am already very grateful. I have wanted to start a blog like this before while I was still an undergrad at The College of Charleston. Originally, I wanted to create a blog forum that would allow athletes at The College to tell their stories and potentially write sports articles regarding topics that interested them. Very similar to The Player’s Tribune. However, time went on and that idea never panned out.

Now in post graduate life, I still wanted to pursue this idea to some extent. Only this time, I wanted to create a forum that gave other sports fans, myself included, a chance to express their opinions in the world of sports. I initially will be writing most of the content that will come out. But it is my hopes that I can reach out to several other sports enthusiasts in helping me provide content.

I know a sports blog isn’t the most original idea. But to hell with it. It was something that I wanted to do for a while so I decided to do it.

Please reach out to me if you are at all interested in writing about a particular sports topic. Again, this is a forum that anyone can be apart of.